About Us


About Us

Core Creations Interior Decoration LLC, was established in 2012 to provide interior design services of exceptional quality ranging from fit out, electro- mechanical, joinery, metal, and furniture works. Our services include design and execution of turnkey projects with Client satisfaction being top priority for us. We have a professional team comprising of architects and engineers, who are continuously focused and committed to achieve excellence and success.

At Core Creations, it is our mission to go the extra mile and work through numerous unforeseen challenges in order to help Clients see their vision turn to reality. Our success story has been built on a commitment to working together and share knowledge with our Clients to deliver quality solutions that accelerate the success of our projects.

We provide the following specialized services:

Interior designs, Fit-out, MEP, Metal works, Turnkey Interiors, Joinery Works.


Using these core values, we strengthen our vision for the future and drive a positive culture.

In todays competitive world, with design scenes rapidly developing for both residential and commercial areas, we at Core Creations strive to differentiate our designs by building spacious and exclusive office spaces with an aim to retain the aesthetic and historical aspects of the vicinity. We are continuously evolving by incorporating innovation in learning both cutting edge technology and latest design comfort. We are committed to what is desired and more importantly what is required to create a positive quality of life.

As part of our commitment to you, we incorporate feasibility into the vision and values of the organization we work with. We try and minimize usage of water, energy and other consumables during our works and have proper guidelines for recycling as well as waste management. Our selection of key suppliers undergoes a stringent procurement process in order to ensure they comply with our vision and standard.


Core Creations Interiors is dedicated to providing sustainable fit-out solutions by ensuring environmental, social and economic parameters form part of our services to our Clients.

HONESTY: We act with honesty and avoid conflict, likely to result, directly or indirectly, from deception.

FAIRNESS: We do not seek to obtain any Reliability Objectivity benefit arising from unfair systems.

RELIABILITY: We provide skills and services of highest standards.

INTEGRITY: We have high regard for public interest, particularly parties who may use or express future interest in the project.

OBJECTIVITY: Identify potential conflict of interest, resolve and create awareness to parties likely to be affected.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Communicate relevant information and/or warning of issues in a transparent manner, ahead of time to allow for corrective measures.


We undertake turnkey projects to include Interior Design, Civil and MEP works, Joinery, metal, IT, Security, Access Control solutions and Glazing works.

We are also flexible to include any additional works as requested works will be of highest standards.